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Brand New DVDs by Ross Nickerson

Playing Banjo By Ear and Learning the Chords/Banjo Jamming and Play Along DVD with bonus Learning the Chord Form Video

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Online Lessons
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Beginning Banjo the Five String Banjo

The Banjo Encyclopedia

Essential Banjo Licks

Popular Songs with easy to read Tab, CD and DVD

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Cobalt Picks
Shark Tooth Picks

Banjo Workshops

Popular Christmas tunes for 5-string banjo



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Morgan Monroe Banjos
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King, Goldstar, Stelling, Banjos

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Online Lessons

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New Gold Tone Cripple Creek Banjo Package for Beginners Other Banjo Model Startup deals too.
The Begin Playing Banjo Startup kit includes a Banjo Strap, Set of Picks, a Korg Chromatic Tuner, a Set of Strings, the Beginning the Five String BanjooBook, two CDs, and DVD Ross Nickerson, a free one year membership to free US shipping. kClick here for more info. Looking for a banjo in the $200 range. Even lower priced package deals with Morgan Monroe and Bean Blossom Banjos

Gold Tone Banjos Gold tone Banjos shipped for free and with a low price guarantee! Orders include CD, complimentary Book, and Membership with discounts. Other Banjo brands and Starter packages for students just taking up the banjo available too.

The Banjo Encyclopedia by Ross Nickerson from Mel Bay Publications. The book is subtitled, Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z. It's 17 chapters, 240 pages with a 99 track CD! Download the Table of Contents to see clearly what is covered!
Play Five-String Banjo

5 string bluegrass lessons with CD and DVD! Build a foundation with easy to read tab, songs, fundamentals, techniques and personal instruction. 64 pages, 2 CDs and easy to use DVD. Click here

Banjo Lessons Online
New updated videos for the Intermediate lessons
Digital Banjo Books / Banjo Tabs / Banjo Videos
New "Resnick" resophonic banjo by Rayco Resophonics

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